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"The very welcoming and supporting community Youth Activism Project provides is one that really allows you to be yourself and voice your opinions. Everyone’s passions and opinions matter and will be addressed. I was able to learn and gain skills relating to activism in a friendly but professional manner. This is an organization that I truly think is exceptional and one that every young person who is interested in creating change should work with!" - Chris, Youth Up Health Leader

"My experience being an activist with Youth Activism Project has given me leadership and public speaking skills which will I will carry with me through my life as an activist. The Youth Activism Project prioritizes youth driven involvement and has definitely shaped how I feel about youth involvement and activism." - 
Maya, Board Member and School Girls Unite Leader

"I am ever-grateful for the experience. It definitely was a positive step in the right direction, and made me who I am today. I believe all youth should be able to get this experience, it is truly life-changing." - Francis, Sugar Free Kids Leader