Our Adult Ally community is critical to what we do at the Youth Activism Project. Adult Allies learn our “collaborative coaching” approach, centered on the genuine respect for the leadership and autonomy of young people, and partner with a teen-led activism group to ensure the success of their campaign.

By dedicating only one hour a week, on average, you can make sure your team of teen activists can make some real impact in their community. Sign up here to express your interest and we will be in touch shortly (or email wendy@youthactivismproject.org if you need more info before signing up).

I definitely feel really supported by my Ally and Anika! They give us the space to lead and also make us question what we are doing.

– Briana M., 11th grade, Chelsea, MA

Summary of Ally responsibilities:

  • Attend our Adult Allies Webinar and familiarize yourself with our “collaborative coaching” approach and advocacy curriculum
  • Minimum 1 hour a week working with the group while the campaign is active. Your partnership involves, but is not limited to:
    • Helping with research and brainstorming tactics
    • Identifying relevant connections to other groups and individuals (including policymakers!)
    • Helping to troubleshoot group dynamic issues or to regain momentum
    • Facilitating reflection on successes and challenges
  • Interact with youth group regularly using their chosen platforms (GroupMe, Google Classroom, etc)
  • Check-in regularly with the Youth Activism Project team (and other allies, if you desire) to troubleshoot, come up with ideas for tactics, etc.

benefits of your participation:

  • See the world through the eyes Generation Z and being inspired by their idealism, creativity, and can-do attitude
  • Be a part of our Adult Ally network of like-minded peers across the country
  • Build expertise on public policy issues as well as knowledge of local, state and national advocacy organizations
  • Gain a deeper understanding of community organizing, advocacy, team-building, and coaching

I’m so excited to be a virtual Ally. I’m participating in a 21st-century program! I’m learning from this experience and it is helping my professional practice.

Robin Green, K-12 Administrator, Charlotte, NC

Ready to be an Adult Ally? Sign up here and we will be in touch shortly!