Our Founders Wendy Lesko and Anika Manzoor have presented over 1,000 interactive workshops and keynotes nationally and internationally including the International Festival for Arts & Ideas in New Haven, TEDxYouth@Columbia, US State Department International Visitors Leadership Program, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and the International Education and Resource Network Conference.

Please fill out our form if you would like to inquire about our skill-based trainings tailored for your staff, volunteers, and youth. We can collaborate with you for one-time workshops, train-the-trainer modules, and long-term projects. Whenever possible, one of our young advocates will co-facilitate presentations and workshops. An evolving list of topics is included below:

Building effective youth-adult partnerships

  • Moving from Token Youth Civic Participation to Policy Impact
  • Beyond Coaching: Co-Piloting with Youth
  • Essential Supports for Both Young Advocates and Adult Allies
  • Processes for Multi-Generational Decision-Making
  • The Need for Adult Accomplices, Not Allies: Building Authentic Youth Power


  • Intentional Recruiting to Ensure Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Creating a Leader-Full Movement
  • Overcoming Intimidation When Advocating to Policymakers
  • Gaining Influence through Art, Participatory Action Research, Public Speaking
  • Storytelling for Change using Public Narrative Framework
  • Capturing Media Coverage using Social Media to Op-Eds
  • Avoiding Burnout and Maintaining Momentum

For a full list of advocacy, organizing, and leadership topics, click here

Issue familiarity

  • Mental Health 
  • Gender Justice
  • Racial Equity
  • Homelessness 
  • Environment
  • International Development
  • Educational Reform
  • Restorative Justice
  • Lower the Voting Age


“I am dying for more time with Wendy and Anika and I wish I could access them 365 days a year. Anika is a true role model for these young people and someone I am in awe of. I learned so much about when to follow the young and when to lead, how much to push, and how much to back off. We all learned so much.” — Jackie Winer, Director of Youth and Family Services, Holliston, MA

“I found our experiences collaborating together such a wonderful experience because before the training, I was lost and unclear about certain topics or my role in the session. During the training, Anika made everything clear and gave me the confidence to be able to go in front of many students to teach the topic.” — Tomi Taiwo, youth leader with Global Minds Initiative

“Wendy Lesko is an accomplished trainer, planner, communicator; she has a long history of working with and reporting on the U.S. Congress. She has taken her talents and her experience and translated them into a capacity that is unsurpassed for teaching youth and engaging them in exercising their rights as citizens to take stands on issues and to effectively communicate their positions to those who have the power and authority to shape policies that impact them and others around the world.” — Carolyn Rose-Aviles, VP Policy & Public Engagement, Plan USA