Are you an American teen between the ages of 13-18? Are you interested in:

  • learning how to plan a protest, rally, town hall, or any kind of large-scale activist event
  • getting involved with lobbying and policy advocacy OR
  • just generally learning about what it takes to become an activist without committing to something just yet?

Then join the Youth Activism Project!! With our support, over 1200 teen activists have literally impacted millions of people by influencing 34 laws and policies, and raising over $70,000 for their causes! We would love to help you build on this legacy and create meaningful change in your own community.

Join our activation hub!

By joining our Activation Hub, you can get access to resources that’ll help you make the greatest impact possible in your community. These resources include:

  • our advocacy curriculum, the YOUth ACTivism Guide to Change, which will tell you everything you need to know about how to start and lead an advocacy campaign
  • exclusive access to our free interactive online trainings
  • dedicated mentorship from our staff and volunteers
  • opportunities to get to know young activists in different states, publicity for your campaign
  • and many more!

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Not from the United States? You can click here to use our resources, but note that some of our resources may not be relevant to your context. We hope to provide more support for international students in the future!