With our support, over 1200 teen activists have literally impacted millions of people by influencing 34 laws and policies, and raising over $70,000 for their causes! We invite all teens in the United States to our community to continue building on this legacy of youth activism.


By signing up for Activism Alerts, you will get weekly text alerts that will help you create a powerful activism campaign led entirely by you and your friends. These alerts are personalized advocacy tips, leads to resources, and reminders of the many resources we offer, which will help you:

  • stick to goals to ensure that you’re leading a strong campaign
  • learn important advocacy skills, such as setting up meetings with decision-makers and public speaking
  • get 1-1 expert support from the Youth Activism Project staff
  • access resources, such as funding opportunities, online workshops, and connections to organizations and people that can help you with your campaign

Please note: at this time, Activism Alerts is designed for teens living in the United States. If you are not from the United States, you can click here to sign up for some of our resources, but they may not be relevant to your context. We hope to provide more support for international students in the future!

Activism Alerts Sound great — sign me up!

We’re so glad to have you on board!

Click here to sign up for Activism Alerts

Wait, am I about to be spammed by a bot?? I want support from a real human!

You can still get support from a real human! In fact, alerts will often ask for a response in case you need extra help from a member of our staff.

The thing is, every day, we’re receiving new applications from teens wanting to create change in their communities. While this is amazing, our small staff is unable to provide as much individual attention as we would like without Activism Alerts.

Activism Alerts make it possible for us to give personalized attention to every single person who signs up with us.

Activism Alerts is great if you:

  • are a really busy person and can benefit from getting regular reminders of goals, resources, and opportunities to improve your activism skills and to network with powerful people
  • have unlimited texting and don’t have to worry about getting multiple texts from us per month
  • tend to miss important information unless someone texts you directly

If that sounds like you, sign up for Activism Alerts now!

I don’t think Activism Alerts is for me. Can I just sign up to access your resources for free?

Absolutely! In some ways, that actually makes our work easier 🙂 Just remember that it will be your responsibility to take initiative and take advantage of our many resources—no one (bot nor human) will check up on you to see if you are. That being said, you’ll totally still be a valued member of the Youth Activism Project community!! Click here to join!

Are you over 18 and from the US? Click here to advise a youth-led social change project.

(If you’re a student or adult that still needs some more information, please fill out this form instead to schedule an exploratory conversation with the Youth Activism Project).