Everyone knows that America’s public school system is a mess. But can you imagine how much better it would be if students played a much bigger role in creating educational policy? Can you imagine how much equitable our schools would be if every student, no matter their race or class background, had an equal voice?

The Youth Activism Project is committed to building a country where students are considered the education experts. And we’re starting in a community where we have roots: Montgomery County, Maryland—home to one of the largest public school systems in the county.

Last year, students in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) successfully fought for an analysis of the school boundaries as a way to end de facto segregation and unequal resource distribution in their school system. But now that the analysis is happening, a lot of wealthy parents in the community have been fighting it. The students have fought so hard for this analysis—it’s time for their movement to be stronger than ever and it’s time that we see similar movements across the country.

If you’re an MCPS student: Join our the first county-wide student-led group working on this issue, Students Toward Equitable Public Schools. Click here to sign a letter for the Board of Education to state your support for the districtwide boundary analysis and join STEPS at the same time!

If you’re not an MCPS student: E-mail anika@youthactivismproject.org with some info about yourself and if you have similar educational equity problems in your community. We’re planning on having more nationwide calls on this topic in the near future, so we’ll definitely keep you posted!