Youth Strategies


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You know best what is needed to change where you live but here are a handful of ideas to toss out.

Conduct a student survey on specific school issues or education reform proposals

Advocate for school district-wide policies pertaining to start time, graduation requirements, cafeteria food, etc.

Propose specific new opportunities with city planners:  public art space, community center, midnight basketball leagues, etc.

Meet with transportation officials: student bus fares, sidewalks, bike lanes, stop signs,  etc.

Lobby to keep your public library open longer hours by contacting your city or county council members

Partner with environmental organizations to clean up streams and waterways, measure pollutants and share this data with regulators

Demand more government funding for services such as guidance counselors, SAT prep, school-based health center, etc.

Produce a video about sexual harassment, homophobia, or gender stereotypes

Take photographs in your neighborhood to document problems about liquor stores, billboards, etc. and  share your findings with the zoning commission

Train to be a peer mediator at your school and share your ideas on how to improve violence prevention programs.

Create a teen court in which youth judge and sentence their peers who have admitted guilt to shoplifting and other non-violent offenses.

Address racism and prejudice by forming a group that sponsors school or community events to stop discrimination and celebrate diversity

Organize a meeting with the local police precinct or police chief about community policing, stop-and-frisk, etc.


Launch a “Teens as Teachers” speakers’ bureau on an issue you care about (eating disorders, child abuse prevention, rainforest preservation, etc.).

Testify in favor or opposition to proposed local and state legislation: curfew, school suspension, juvenile detention, etc.

Hold a candidates’ forum where young people ask questions of those running for school board, city hall, etc., followed by an election. Release the results of this youth vote to the press.

Share your views about national or international issues from student loans to immigration by contacting  your two U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative.