Our free strategic support has contributed to several youth-driven victories.

Recently, several students in the U.S. testified in support of Healthy Vending legislation, successfully changing county laws to require alternatives to sugar-loaded drinks and junk food in county vending machines.

We support students who are trying to lower the voting age across the country. This includes campaigns to allow students to vote for candidates for their School Board (not only the student rep) as well as efforts to expand voting rights in local and state elections.

School Girls Unite, our international initiative, celebrated five more students in Mali who defied the odds by completing 9th grade in a country where only 0.3% of the most impoverished get this far.

Our youth-driven grassroots campaign in 2011 resulted in crucial U.S. support of the establishment of the U.N. International Day of the Girl Child, observed annually on October 11th.


American Library Association Booklist: “Youth! The 26% Solution” is a lively pep talk full of instructions on everything from organizing a small meeting, wording a petition, and setting goals to relating to press and government officials and maintaining public relations…Activist teens and the adults who work with them will find the book most helpful and motivational.”

Youth Today: “Wendy Schaetzel Lesko is a mentor to many of the nation’s most accomplished young leaders.”

Anthony Bernier, PhD and editor of Transforming Young Adult Services (2013): “While the rhetoric promoting youth participation is not new, few researchers and institutions have mined the intergenerational partnership model illustrated by Lesko.”

Amber Thornton, VP Technical Assistance & Training, American Legacy Foundation: “If you are looking to engage an energetic, passionate and credible expert on youth activism issues – Wendy Lesko is ‘top shelf’! The Youth Activism Project is the ‘go to’ source for facilitating and galvanizing adults and youth groups.”

Carolyn Rose-Aviles, VP Policy and Public Engagement, Plan USA: “Wendy Lesko is an accomplished trainer, planner, communicator; she has a long history of working with and reporting on the U.S. Congress. She has taken her talents and her experience and translated them into a capacity that is unsurpassed for teaching youth and engaging them in exercising their rights as citizens to take stands on issues and to effectively communicate their positions to those who have the power and authority to shape policies that impact them and others around the world.”

Mira Fleming – School Girls Unite leader since 9th grade, Board member, and co-author, Girls Gone Activist!: “Wendy introduced me to many issues I would never have otherwise known about, designing an entirely new way of thinking about the global community… It would not be an exaggeration to say that School Girls Unite has changed my life.”

Adam Fletcher Speaker, Author, Consultant; President, CommonAction Consulting: “Amazing, dynamic, bold, motivating, powerful… there are no ends to the praises I would sing for Wendy. Her leadership in the field of youth leadership, community development, and cultural change has laid the path for generations of leaders yet to come, myself included.”