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Girls Gone Activist! How to Change the World through Education

Our free bilingual action guide, co-authored by experienced student activists with School Girls Unite, describes key elements for starting a campaign plus many clever advocacy stories that showcase video petitions, street theater and lobbying elected officials.  

Safer Schools Students Talk About Talking Circles

The most ‘woke’ teacher or counselor cannot speak for students. Here’s what 50 young people from 15 states say about this pro-active restorative practice of building connections and reducing the need for reactive restorative justice discipline policies.

Catalyst! Successful Strategies to Empower Young Advocates

Our free interactive training manual focuses on how adult allies and advocacy organizations can be most effective in co-piloting with youth who take the lead in changing community norms and policies.

Activist Gameplan! How to Put Your Passion into Action

This booklet contains dozens of suggestions for starting a club, community outreach, fundraising, and talking to leaders about global gender education and justice.

Youth! The 26% Solution

Over 1/4 of the population in the is U.S. under the age of 18. However, 26% remain unheard on many issues that affect them. Packed with true stories and original youth-produced exhibits, this paperback, now available as a digital download, co-authored by Wendy Lesko and 19-year-old Emanuel Tsourounis, outlines how minors can make a major impact.

other resources

Community Solutions ROADMAP

This template created by iCIVICS provides a roadmap that includes tips on researching an issue and organizing information from many sources. These steps represent a solid strategy for launching a community action campaign.


Girls for Gender Equity’s latest participatory action research spells out problems and policy recommendations. Several workshop templates are included in the Appendix.


Short videos with personal stories and strategies by Youth in Front on specific topics including Why protest? How do I organize a protest? Will I get in trouble? How does a march become a movement?


   The Women’s March EMPOWER Team Toolkit outlines three phases in Part I for building a high school or college chapter, complete with “Deep Dive” resources.

Launching Your Leadership Team

One of our favorite one-hour workshops complete with a video where a virtual coach guides your core group to define your primary goal, specific leadership roles, time management, and even a chant. We highly recommend other resources developed by the Resistance School.


Twenty tactics for change agents including subvertising…using satire and humor to spoof or parody ads in ways that challenge underlying assumptions.

Take a StAND

Lots of how-to information plus inspiration from recent protests in this curriculum starter co-authored by a former social studies teacher and 11th grader from Baltimore.


The reach of Youth Radio extends far beyond SF and Oakland with DIY to create your own podcast, record high-quality interviews on your phone, checking facts, etc.


Student Voice outlines the steps for preparing and delivering a presentation to your Board of Education on an idea or problem you want to be addressed in your school district.

198 Methods for Non-Violent Action 

You can add social media strategies to this historic list created decades ago by Gene Sharp, author of The Politics of Non-Violent Action.

FreeChild & SoundOut 

Real–not token–student involvement driving school and community change is Adam Fletcher’s passion. This resource has lots of information that will inform and inspire.


Our team is ready to collaborate with you!

We never do the same workshop or presentation twice because the content and interactive activities are tailored specifically for each group. We will create a unique, hands-on training that aligns with your program and advocacy initiative.

If your organization wants to be more effective as co-pilots with young people, we can deliver a 3-hour to 3-day course designed for adults. Wendy has consulted with hundreds of local, state and national organizations–delivering keynote addresses, developing customized train-the-trainers modules, providing technical assistance plus one-on-one coaching.

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